Operational Leasing of IT Equipment

Why Lease

Capital Investments are an integral part of any business, equipment leasing for long term & Equipment Renting for short term offers More Financial benefits when compared to purchasing the equipment.

Capital expenditure on IT-equipment like computers, Laptops, Servers, routers, switches, firewall etc. are one of the most important part of a business which requires a substantial capital investment and a budget to manage and upgrade the same from time to time, this one area where a capital expenditure is required every 3-4 years unlike large machinery which last for 10-15 years, computers become obsolete & wear out in three years and businesses have to Spend to upgrade/Replace the entire IT-infrastructure, Leasing/ Renting helps overcome these challenges where the equipment can be replaced or returned as & when required.

Infrastructure We Offer on Lease/Rent

  • Network & Security Devices
  • Desktops, Servers, Workstations
  • Wifi Infrastructure
  • Laptops & Thin clients

Financial Benefits of Leasing

  • Claiming Lease charges as expenses provides higher savings vis-à-vis depreciation claimed if purchased.
  • IT-Equipment is not considered a tangible Asset by Banks/Financial institutions , so why Spend your capital
  • Cost of leasing works out to approx 4% PA when compared to purchasing on TCO analysis (Total cost of ownership) over 3 years.
  • Offers unique option of an open lease where the customer can lease the approved equipment value in a staggered manner spread over 12 months.
  • Easy pre-closures by paying a nominal penalty charges

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