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Worldwide research carried out in the recent past states that more than 98% of medium and large organizations opt for seamless conferencing solutions, with 67% of small businesses preparing to do the same. With the advent of the remote work culture, there has been an overwhelming need for revolutionary conferencing solutions. According to the above research, more than 75% of employers want effective conferencing software to be the medium, through which they communicate and virtually meet their remote counter parts, with another 75% quoting they require this type of service because they have multiple offices.

Choosing the right conferencing solution for your business is of paramount importance and so is asking the right questions. There are numerous factors to take into account which include the audio quality, number of participants, ease of use and so much more. We have compiled a handy checklist for picking the best conferencing solution. They are as follows:

Audio Quality

Audio Quality is the most important criteria when choosing a conferencing system. With the passage of time and the evolution of technology, numerous audio conferencing solutions have been developed by a multitude of tech companies to curb the amount of background disturbance. Unwanted background noises could hamper the quality of audio during a conference call rendering the entire call ineffective. We must always keep in mind that the quality of your meetings is a direct reflection of the quality of your business; hence, impeccable audio quality is a must for any conferencing solution.

Number of Participants

The type of conferencing solution a business owner employs depends on the number of participants. If the requirement is small, a business owner may opt for conferencing solutions for personal and huddle rooms supporting a limited number of participants at a time. At the same time, if it’s an already established large-scale business with offices across various cities or countries, you may need a solution capable of supporting hundreds of people at a time.

Ease of Recording

Conference call recording has revolutionized the way of taking notes during a meeting. This unobtrusive technology makes sure that every idea, discussion and strategies devised during a conference call is carefully recorded for future reference. Conference Call Recording can be utilized as an instructional tool, a digital tracker of sorts for projects from commencement to finish, a medium to convey comprehensive information to those who didn’t make it to the meeting or just a tool to remember. Most vendors who provide conferencing solutions make it a point to include recording features as part of their platforms.

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