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As the authorized distributors for Yealink products in India, Cosmictech redefines the scope of video conferencing systems, voice communications solutions, and business class networking and telephony solutions that accelerate the growth of the Indian subcontinent’s information and communications industry. The broad portfolio of Voice Communication media by Yealink is unrivalled and unbeatable. Cosmictech provides the best multi-line phone system for small business.

Yealink offers a wide range of state-of-the-art conference phones to fulfil all your meeting and business communication needs. These range from IP (Internet Protocol) enterprise-grade phones and Gigabit IP phones to IP touch-screen phones. Yealink’s IP phone series conference call services help bridge the gap between infinite locations, providing users with an enjoyable conference experience while reducing costs and enhancing productivity. The IP phone series of Yealink includes the ultra-elegant series T2, T4, T4S and T5.

The key features of Yealink Conference Phones include:

  • Optima HD voice
  • Outstanding 360-degree voice pickup
  • Super helper for call recording
  • Seamless connection to mobile phones or PC
  • Sensitive touch keypad/Touch screen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth compatibility

Yealink T2 Series – HD Voice Quality and a reliable Desktop Voice Solution at a great value

For regular voice communications, the Yealink T2 series of business-grade IP phones feature a lightweight appearance, reliable performance, and cost-effectiveness. Some of Yealink’s flagship T2 Series phones include:

  • SIP – T29G – High-end colour screen paperless IP phone
  • SIP – 27G – Cost-effective multi-line IP phone
  • SIP – T23G – Cost-effective enterprise-level IP phone
  • SIP-T23P – Cost-effective HD voice IP phone
  • SIP – T21(P)E2 – Dual-line entry-level IP phone
  • SIP – T19(P)E2 – Single line entry-level IP phone

The key features of the Yealink T2 Series are:

  • High-definition voice quality through HD handset
  • HD speaker and HD codec
  • High-resolution graphical display
  • Supports security standards TLS, SRTP, HTTPS, 802.1X, Open VPN and AES encryption

Yealink T4 Series – Reliable and Affordable SIP Phone for Business

The Yealink T4 Series sports superior voice communications and extended functionality. This series is a dynamic business communication tool. It has a faster, more responsive interface and better performance overall. Some of Yealink’s flagship T2 Series phones include:

  • SIP VP-T49G-Flagship level desktop video phone
  • SIP-T48S-Ultra-elegant business IP phone
  • SIP-T46S-Ultra-elegant business IP phone
  • SIP-T42S – Ultra-elegant business IP phone
  • SIP-T41S – Ultra-elegant business IP phone
  • SIP-T40G- Ultra-elegant business IP Phone
  • SIP-T48G – High-end large screen touch control IP phone
  • SIP-T46G-High-end colour screen paperless IP phone
  • SIP-T42G-Multi-function paperless Gigabit IP phone
  • SIP-T41P-Multi-function paperless IP phone
  • SIP-T40P – Cost-effective enterprise-level IP phone

The key features of the Yealink T4 Series are:

  • HD Audio quality
  • High-resolution display screen
  • Supports Gigabit Ethernet technology
  • Supports Bluetooth devices

Yealink T5 Series – Smart Media IP Phones

Yealink T5 Smart Media phones are designed to help businesses communicate and interact seamlessly and conveniently in a fast-changing world.

  • SIP-T58V-T58V smart business phone
  • SIP-T58A-T58A smart business phone
  • SIP-T56A-T56A smart business phone
  • SIP-T54S-Business media phone
  • SIP-T52S-Business media phone

The key features of the Yealink T5 Series are:

  • Large 7-inch colour capacitive touch screen
  • Up to 16 SIP VoIP accounts
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • HD audio experience
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • USB recording
  • 3-5 way video and audio mixed conferencing
  • Supported by apps such as Skype and Zoom meeting