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The best video & audio conferencing phones ever

Conference phones have become important to any type of business. Conference phones let people communicate with their business partners, vendors, and even with the remote workers in a meeting that is set up over the phone. The best business VoIP conference phone...

Best Multi-Line Phone System for Small Business

As the authorized distributors for Yealink products in India, Cosmictech redefines the scope of video conferencing systems, voice communications solutions, and business class networking and telephony solutions that accelerate the growth of the Indian subcontinent's...

Engenius – The best Indoor Access Point

EnGenius presents the finest indoor access points that can promote seamless connectivity and thereby deliveringuninterrupted access to people. EnGenius’ applications and network resources work with express level connectivity due to its wonderful technology. EnGenius...

Engenius – The best outdoor access point

EnGenius has been the provider of the best outdoor access points solution. EnGenius presents a comprehensive line of managed and unmanaged wireless solutions, Gigabit switches, and IP-based surveillance systems that deliver long-range connectivity, robust feature...

An Analysis of IT-Equipment Lifecycle

Life-cycle management explained It's a fine line, determining when to junk old IT equipment. How to know when to pull the plug? You could invest in a crystal ball, or you could get serious about hardware life-cycle management There are many different approaches to...

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