Check out the five interesting ways companies use audio conferencing | Cosmictech
Today’s businesses are handled hastily as the schedules are hectic and projects are many. And especially if your business has vast workforce, then it is mandatory that you carefully communicate your ideas. In order to have that smooth communication amongst your team, it is good to avail audio conferencing for any and all meetings. Conference calls are really advantageous for it is cost-efficient as workers who are far away can just dial in to join the conversation. Audio conference is also very convenient to set up and participate.

With Yealink’s VoIP Audio/ Video Conference call, it is going to be very reliable and secure for your business indeed. Since today’s companies handle multiple assignments at a time and try to reach the remote workers from the office, audio conferencing plays a vital role in achieving the goal. Selecting the best conference phone for your business is going to be easy with Yealink’s innovative products.

Have a look at the ways companies use audio conferencing:

Real-Time Training:

Many employers use audio conference to train their employees. This will not only save them money, but also their valuable time. With Yealink conference phones, your office communication becomes very clear and smooth.

Event Planning:

Sometimes it becomes difficult to connect to employees or volunteers working for planning and managing events. In such cases, Yealink’s clear conference call will serve the purpose to gather as much information as possible.

Live Surveys:

Significant business decisions such as passing resolutions and voting need a large group of participants coming to a single place. Audio conferencing gives companies a cost-effective solution to organize such meetings. Yealink strives to fulfill customer needs as today’s businesses demand mobile working solutions.


Generally, recruitment process has various rounds. Nowadays companies use conference calls for group discussions to review interviewees’ communication skills and etiquettes. It is a simplified method for companies to assess potential candidates. Yealink understands the real necessity of any business and thus presents a host of options to choose from.

Q&A Sessions:

Q&A session is nowadays one of the effective ways used by companies to conduct group discussions that allow participants to voice out their opinions. And Yealink audio conferencing will be the productive method ever to conduct such sessions amongst your employees. Yealink augments the productivity level of businesses in every way possible.

Yealink is indeed a boon for today’s modern type businesses.