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EnGenius presents the finest indoor access points that can promote seamless connectivity and thereby deliveringuninterrupted access to people. EnGenius’ applications and network resources work with express level connectivity due to its wonderful technology. EnGenius provides the best long range indoor wireless access point. Products by EnGenius also provide the best wireless access points for business. EnGenius is the provider of the best solution for businesses in indoor wireless networking. EnGenius’ unmatched products boast of professional performance and user-friendly designs.

Here’s a list of products by EnGeniusthat provide the best indoor wireless access point:

EnTurbo Tri-Band 11ac Wave2

En Turbo Tri-Band 11ac Wave 2 by EnGenius has a number of special features. Firstly, it comes with onboard network management tools. It has 802.3at/afPoE+ Power, 1G to 10G fiber uplink ports (EWS7926EFP), along with network topology, monitoring & email alerts. And finally, it also has license-free network management software.

Neutron 11ac Wave

Neutron 11ac Wave boasts of 2x2:2 11ac Wave 2 Speeds to 867 Mbps (5 GHz); to 400 Mbps (2.4 GHz), has a sleek, and low profile design to be mounted on a standard wall J-Box, MU-MIMO & its beam forming improves user capacities & signal reliability as well.

Ceiling-Mount Access Points

EnGenius offers unique indoor access point which can be mounted on the ceiling. It comes with expanded user capacities, optimized bandwidth, low-profile, ceiling-mount flexibility, and Gigabit PoE Ports Expand Deployment & Power Options.

Desktop Access Point/Bridges

Desktop access points/bridges are also equipped with expanded user capacities, optimized bandwidth far-reaching, detachable 360-degree antennas, and Gigabit PoE Ports Expand Deployment & Power Options. EnGenius provides the best indoor access points for any business. Regardless of the size of the business, EnGenius provides first-rate indoor access points for any organization. EnGenius indoor access points provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for small offices too. EnGenius indoor access point expands the range of, and user connections to, an existing wireless network. EnGenius indoor access points provide you/your devices greater mobility, increase signal range and coverage, and also reduce dead zones. Altogether, EnGenius ensures communication software product compatibility, speed, and reliability.