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EnGenius has been the provider of the best outdoor access points solution. EnGenius presents a comprehensive line of managed and unmanaged wireless solutions, Gigabit switches, and IP-based surveillance systems that deliver long-range connectivity, robust feature sets, and versatility for class-leading price/performance value. Today, all the organizations use wireless internet connection to a certain radius within the working space.

EnGenius AP’s come with a high output of 400mW. EnGenius Outdoor Access Points present long-range coverage for the best use in public places that need to provide Wi-Fi to their patrons. EnGenius provides the best long range outdoor wireless access point. The Outdoor Wireless Bridges by EnGenius come with high-gain antennas. Educational institutions get greater benefits through these access points. Everything is sealed and protected from the elements in the devices. When installed as high as possible, these devices provide a better link quality.

Let’s have a glimpse of four wonderful types of EnGenius outdoor access points:


EnTurbo Outdoor Access Point has the amazing features such as Quad-Core CPU, 717 Mhz Turbo Engine, Dual-Radio 11ac Wave 2 Speeds to 867 Mbps on 5 GHz, 400 Mbps on 2.4 GHz, IP55-Rated Weatherproof Housing Withstands Harsh Climates , and (4) Detachable 5 dBi High-Gain 360d SMA-Type Antennas for wonderful connectivity.


EnGenius’ outdoor wireless bridges come with high-gain antennas which can extend networks to 5 Miles P2P, ruggedized IP-rated housing that could defy harsh climate and dual-Gigabit PoE Ports Expand Deployment & Power Options as well.


Neutron Managed Outdoor Access Points provide a high-capacity 11ac wave 2 MU-MIMO performance, ruggedized IP-rated housing which could withstand harsh weather, optional internal/detachable antennas, and gigabit over-the-air speeds to 2.5 Gbps on wave 2 models.


EnGenius outdoor access points come equipped with high-Capacity 11ac speed & performance, ruggedized IP-rated housing withstanding harsh climate, and a very high 29 dBm transmit power that extends outdoor coverage.

The most important feature of EnGenius outdoor wireless access point is that it is ideal for outdoor Wi-Fi coverage. EnGenius is the provider of the best wireless access points for business. EnGenius’ unsurpassed products boast of user-friendly designs too.