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Companies, regardless of their size need direction and focus. Therefore, in order to share key performance goals and valuable data, regular meetings are mandatory. In fact all the businesses rely on meetings to take projects forward and help teams to co-ordinate. However, employees work in schedules of their convenience and also from various locations today. In this case, online meetings can play a vital role in bridging the gap between employees and the employer, and can also serve as an important tool for developing and sharing ideas amongst teams.

To make the online business meeting hassle-free and smooth, conference calls are imperative to any business. To keep all the conference calls uninterrupted and quality ensured, opting for the best conference phone in the market is necessary. Undoubtedly, Yealink provides a wide range of conference phones covering all business environments, regardless of the size of the business and it also aims to meet the communication needs of businesses.

So let’s delve deep into the major reasons for businesses to conduct online meetings.

Product and Services Release:

In order to maintain consistency and ensure product’s integrity, knowledge about the company’s products and services is very much needed. Conducting meetings on a regular basis to apprise employees of the new product and services provided is vital for the development. Yealink provides the best tool for all your regular meetings.

Weekly Updates:

Weekly meetings are wonderful ways to track progress, develop new ideas, and check in with all the members of the team. Along with making employees accountable to their projects, it is also possible to provide assistance to them regarding tasks. With Yealink, all your weekly updates are sure to create an impact.

Policy Changes or Changes in Workflow:

Making formal announcements about changes in company’s policies or workflow is compulsory to keep processes on track. Regular updates on workflow are important for employees to work efficiently. This is where Yealink conference phones come to help. Yealink provides Conference Call Services for Small Business too. Therefore, whatever your company’s size maybe, still you can speed up the process with the help of Yealink’s advanced technology.

Company Achievements and Landmarks:

It is always good to take some time to look back and celebrate our successes. Apart from being an encouragement to the employees, congratulating the employees will also create the momentum to go forward. With Yealink’s best multi-line phone system, all your company’s sweet moments are to get wonderful.

Group Projects:

Online meetings are very useful when discussing about a project that is handled by a group of people or a team. Through online meetings (audio/video), we can share our ideas and also get other’s opinions to develop it properly. In this way, we can take any project to greater depth. With Yealink, a company can have both voice and video communication solutions at its best.

Annual Review:

Annual reviews are the main advantage for companies operating from multiple locations. A company-wide video conference to lay out yearly goals for each department will make your business stay united and give employees the strength to work together. Yealink offers a wide range of business communication phones suiting the needs of all types of businesses.

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