The best Yealink Conference Phones for the year 2019 | Cosmictech
Yealink presents both voice and video communication solution at its best. With Yealink’s Best conference phone, video communication becomes ideal for large group solutions, SME solutions, and industry solutions while Yealink voice communication provides office solutions and industry solutions.

Here we have listed down the best aspects of Yealink Conference Phones for the year 2019. Select the suitable phone for your business to get the best out of Yealink’s innovative technology. Try the VoIP conference call of Yealink to see the real difference in conference calls and business meetings.


CP960-wireless mic with HD audio would be the best to manage the call needs of a company. Its android system makes it easier for setting up instant conference calls.

  • 12.7 cm touch screen
  • 6m microphone
  • Suitable for large conference rooms
  • Automatic muting
  • Wireless mics
  • It is possible to have four simultaneous incoming calls
  • Noise cancelling.


Yealink CP960 would be the best when taking the modern day agility of most of the businesses into consideration. It has wonderful features as follow:

  • Stylish phone with great features
  • 3-way microphone
  • Noise proof technology
  • Android 5.1 operating system
  • Designed for medium to large conference rooms
  • 20 foot 360 degree voice pick up range
  • Fingertip control
  • Bluetooth 4.0


CP930W-Base will be suitable for any kind of business environment because of its amazing features. It can leverage SIP-based IP PBX being incorporated into the corporate telephony network.

  • 5-watt speaker
  • 3-microphone array
  • HD audio
  • 5-way conference call made possible
  • Wireless DECT conference phone with significant mobility
  • It can leverage SIP-based IP PBX


Yealink CP920 is the apt for medium sized conference rooms. The VoIP conference phone is indeed the best bet for a simple conference call in your office.

  • Duplex HD audio
  • Sensitive touch keypad
  • 20 foot and 360 degree voice pick up
  • 1 inch 248x120 pixel graphical LCD with backlight
  • Ideal for small to medium sized rooms
  • Quality of the audio is crystal clear
  • The best form of simple conference call


The tweaked PSTN box of the PSTN CP920 would be the economical choice for your small business. If integrated with the company’s infrastructure, the phone provides multiple benefits.

  • Simple phone with powerful features
  • Hub for 3 participants
  • Call recording on a local USB stick
  • Noise proof technology
  • Quality solution for small to medium sized businesses
  • It can also be connected to a mobile, PC or tablet via Bluetooth.

Selecting the best conference phone for your business is not going to be hard with Yealink’s innovative products. Yealink Conference call will redefine your understanding and experience of business conference calls. The ease of using Yealink conference phones would be far superior to any other similar product. Yealink, the world’s second-largest SIP phone provider would change your perception about conference calling.